When I feel red


April has always been a little bit EXTRA. She feels everything to the max and would rather express herself using pictures over words. More likely to be found drawing and doodling than paying attention in class, April has always struggled with school. Lessons feel like they’re in a foreign language making her brain shut down. And it sometimes feels like her classmates come from a different planet, especially now they’re all suddenly obsessed with their latest crushes and teeny bopper dramas which April just finds BORING. As lessons continue to perplex her and the detentions build up, April thinks maybe she is doing Year 8 all wrong? She’s always been fine doing her own thing, so why does it suddenly feel like everyone around her is pulling away and leaving her behind? Perhaps life would be easier if she just learned to fit in.

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‘I feel like I’m always … last. Like I’m running to try and keep up with everyone but it’s no good.’

April has always marched to the beat of her own drum, but would life be easier if she learned to fit in? Now that she’s in Year 8, things have got even worse. She’s much more likely to be trying to rescue an animal in need than worrying about who’s dating who at school, which April just finds BORING. Plus, her lessons feel like they’re in a foreign language, and it suddenly seems impossible to make it through the week without landing in detention.

As family worries and classroom romances ramp up, it feels like everyone around her is pulling away – even her best friend Ben. But when the pressure’s on, can she find a way to fit in and still be true to herself?

An empowering follow up to When I See Blue about finding your place in the world from the inspiring author and mental health activist, Lily Bailey. Perfect for fans of Elle McNicoll.

An authentic and tender look at fitting in when you don’t and being true to yourself’A.M. Dassu
This is a vivid account of being out of step with your peers, not limited to discussions about dyslexia and dyspraxia’ – The Guardian

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