Book Subscription

The perfect gift for any book lover or even a guilt-free treat for yourself. The lucky subscriber will receive a book every month for the duration of their subscription. Each book is carefully chosen to suit their tastes and preferences, wrapped and delivered straight to their door.

Here’s How it works:

  1. You tell us about the recipient’s taste

  2. We hand pick one book for a month for the duration specified

  3. We send the book wrapped to the recipient.

Simple as!

 If we ever send a book that the subscriber has read before, or isn’t quite to their taste, they are more than welcome to send it back, or if local pop into our shop, and we shall send a replacement with the following month’s book.



If giving a subscription, you can:

  • Specify the date you’d like the first book to arrive.

  • Choose the first book yourself, or allow us to choose it for you.

  • Have the first book delivered to an alternative address so that, for example, you can personally hand over this wonderful gift.

  • Send one to someone anywhere in the world. Prices quoted are for within Ireland but please get in touch for a quote to any country.

Choose from our subscriptions:

Adult paperback

12 months : €200

6 months: € 100

3 months:€50

Children paperback

12 months: €160

6 months: €80

3 months: €45


12 months: €130

6 months: €70

3 months: €35